Ready for Anything

Ready for Anything 

Main Objective: 
To energize local linkages between existing networks of friends, and neighbors as well as civic and church groups. 

Particular interest:

Small geographic neighborhoods or blocks getting to know each other, sharing readiness activities or forming readiness groups however they want to evolve. Commitment to improving personal readiness is also important under the assumption that each person's readiness contributes very much towards their friends' and neighbors' readiness.

RFA aims:
To connect to existing plans, resources and services, private and public, such as C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Teams), COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies), Red Cross, Ace Hardware (sponsors readiness courses), Kaiser, Public Health, state and county plans….and many more. Its role is not to replace this work but simply to raise awareness, energize, and activate groups to work on being ready together.

Possible RFA events:
Preparedness Party- barbecue potluck social event on the readiness theme with special guests drawn from our local organizations; Comedy night; Story night featuring elders talking about mobilizing for WWII; Daytime family emergency supply treasure hunt; Emergency food tasting..... So much is possible!

RFA is looking for new group leaders to initiate further development and growth in this important area.

Ready for Anything Resources:

Map Your Neighborhood:
Tui Wilschinsky 829-8212
Denise Meier

CERT Training
Denise Meier

Seb H/W disaster page (a little out of date)

Seb FD disaster prep

72 hours

Occidental Emergency Preparedness:

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